Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Lucky # 7

#7. I'm thankful for my building and street guardians here and how they look after me. Omar and Hassan are two wonderful men who just...look out for me! This has happened countless times in the past year and a half that I've lived in this apartment, and another example occurred yesterday. There was a soccer game here in town between the two local teams (Red and Green. I don't know their real team names). And soccer games mean absolute craziness in the city due to teenage boys be amped up on adrenaline and whatever they can get their hands on. Granted, the stadium is nowhere near my apt., but the soccer craziness resonates throughout the entire city. Shortly after the soccer game had ended, I was planning to just walk up to the Twin Center - which is a few blocks away. I could hear the cars honking and knew there would be more young males roaming the streets, but figured a short walk to the Twin was doable. As I walked out the front door, Omar and Hassan were hanging out in Hassan's car. They saw me and said hello and then stopped me as I started to walk away. With hand gestures and a caring/concerned look and tone, Hassan told me to: be careful, keep an eye out, and 'be strong' - because of the 'futbol'. I made sure they knew I was only going to the Twin, to which they both nodded their approval. I then set off on foot up the street. As I walked away, I heard the car start and I know that they followed me a couple of blocks just to make sure I was safe. That's just how great they are. My Moroccan Guardians. I am thankful for them!


  1. Wow! That's a really good story!!!

  2. Just catching up on your blog posts - love the photos. Btw, Red = WAC (Wydad Athletic Club); Green = Raja. Adam says he's shocked that a sporty type like you doesn't know that already! ;)