Friday, November 28, 2014

Thankful - 28

The day after Thanksgiving, and it couldn't have begun more perfectly. After sleeping in, I looked outside and saw that it was a bit overcast. Then I stepped outside and saw dark clouds. Actual rain clouds were rolling in. (Remember - it only rains a few days a year here. Or so it seems.) I snapped a couple of these pics and then curled up on the couch and listened to rain and a bit of thunder. It was sublime... #ourthankful30

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thankful - 27

Day 27. Thanksgiving. I'm thankful for so much. Really, my life is pretty amazing for sure. I took a leap of faith to teach internationally 5 years ago and it couldn't have turned out better.
But on this day, I am most thankful for my family. Narrow that even more to my Stellar Six - my four nieces and two nephews. They are everything to me. They give me genuine love and happiness. I cannot imagine my life without them in it. I will never be a 'Mom', but they give their Aunt Jodee unconditional love. For that I am forever grateful. (Which I guess makes me pretty thankful for my two brothers and their amazing wives. Their genetic mixes turned out well.)
This video was received as I begrudgingly got up for work this morning. The video of these goofballs made my day.
(Click to play)

And here's the whole crew...

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thankful - 26

This morning I saw one of the sweetest photos I've laid eyes on in quite some time. It just happened to be a picture of my youngest niece and nephew. Granted, photo ccredit goes to my sister in law, Jodi. But since this is #mythankful30 (key word being MY), I'm using it.
Words are not enough to tell about the love I have for the two in this pic. Cole is such a good big brother. Even though he cried when they found out it was going to be a girl. His tears, however, were "because he just wanted a brother to share his toys with." (Awww) He now loves to make Cali laugh and tries to get her to be naughty. They are quite a pair. When they put up the Christmas tree this year, little Cali was afraid of it. They said she would look at it from a distance, but didn't want to go too close. This is one of the pics taken last night. Cole is sitting with her, encouraging her to touch it...teaching her to not be afraid. It melts my heart.
Happy Holidays to All.

Thankful - 25

Bahrain is an interesting little island here in the Middle East. Other countries ban or strictly prohibit alcohol. Not here. Most of you have seen my pictures from brunches. I'm usually not entirely sober. Alcohol seems to flow freely here. So much so, they have delivery service. From more than one online shop. I love it. Last night I realized it was time to replenish the beer supply. And browsed wines as well. A couple of clicks later, and delivery (Free!)was set up for the following day. For this, I am thankful.