Thursday, November 8, 2012

Eight, Huit (pronounced weet), ثمانية

#8 (in English, French, and Arabic - the latter two coming from google translate).

Yesterday (Wed.) was one of those crazy-ass drives home where I'm happy to have gotten myself and my carpool riders home in one piece. I mean to tell you, traffic and drivers here are NUTSO some days. This was one of those days. For those who have not read these posts before, here in Casablanca, those painted lines indicating lanes are merely a suggestion. If you can find space, put your car in it. If no one is around (and even sometimes when others ARE around), drive down the middle of the street playing Pac-Man with that line. Anything goes here. Today, I had a crazy person behind me speeding and darting around everyone like it was the Indy 500, putting everyone's lives at risk. Traffic was jam packed, per the usual on a Wednesday when we have to stay at school until 5:00. Cars were pulling out in front of me and not abiding by the roundabout rules (if you're in the roundabout, you have the right of way).
We had a tram sighting (testing things out I guess), were almost side-swiped by a donkey cart (I'm not kidding.) and sat on the street for at least 5 minutes moving nowhere because a line of dumbasses pulled out in front of us trying to go left in traffic that was not moving in that direction either. Gridlock. Once we got through that, some kids grabbed onto our bumper. Thought they were skateboarding with us, but looked in the rear-view mirror to see that it was one boy on 'wheels' and those wheels consisted of ONE foot wearing a roller-blade and the other one donning a Moroccan slipper. It was a laughable end to a stressful drive home. Most days I'm just glad to get Sterling safely in the garage until the next morning. He got a pat on the dash today for a job well-done! Thankful for 'him', being home safely, and for random Casablanca craziness like donkey carts and boys on one roller blade using it like a skateboard.

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