Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Year = new experiences

I realize the title of this post might allude to the fact that there's something really exciting going on in my life. Not necessarily the case. But, here is my attempt at a 'quick blog post', with hopes that I can keep going from here.

Last night, I watched "Casablanca", the movie. I had never seen it, and figured it was time. Overall, I wasn't blown away. I definitely appreciated the famous lines that came from this flick, and enjoyed the Casablanca and Morocco references. I chuckled at seeing some of the men in the little fez hats because you don't really see people here wearing those. At least not nowadays. It did also make me connect a bit to the little 'expat group' some of us have established we get together at the same place each Thursday night. Not at the actual 'Rick's Cafe' that is here, as it is too expensive and not centrally located. We just meet at the Hippo for our own version of a 'pub night'. It's good enough for us, even though there is no 'Sam' sitting at the piano, ready to 'play it again'.

Today, I went golfing. In January. The latter part being the new experience for this midwestern gal. Jim, Andy, Paul, and I made our way around the 18-hole course in Mohammedia today. All in all, we had our share of good shots and bad. I'm not sure my caddy appreciated the occasional trek into the woods that my errant shots required. But, he was a good sport about it. At one point, Paul and I were talking about how great it felt just to be out there, walking on grass. It's easy to forget that we basically live in a concrete jungle of sorts. There aren't many lawns here that any of us ever see, let alone get to to frolick about in. So, we walked and got some exercise under the warm sun and appreciated just being out there. And, with a few good shots here and there, it was enough to make us all want to get back out there again sometime soon.

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  1. ya golfing in January is not the norm in Iowa but this year there were a few dates that people took advantage of & golfed at Tara Hills