Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Just another drive home from work

Yes, another story about crazy drivers and traffic in general. It's a daily occurrence. Today, we were almost home. By 'we', I'm referring to friends (Jim & Luann) who regularly give me rides home, allowing me to avoid the Big Blue Bus. I'm forever appreciative. Jim managed to maneuver through the usual traffic headaches of random street construction, cars trying to 'snake him', women in jilabas (who are the worst drivers ever according to Jim), and left turns that are 10-cars wide and 2 or 3 deep (trying to converge into one or two lanes). We were two blocks from their apt. when the car in front of us stopped. In the middle of an intersection. No, wait. HE was partially through the intersection. We were in the middle. Why did this vehicle stop suddenly, blocking traffic on this narrow street you might ask? Apparently it was because his big meathead passenger needed to get out and yell at a guy. But by all means, just stop RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE, and don't attempt to pull over. Feel free to impede the 10 cars behind you who are just trying to get on their way. UGH! Next, meathead saunters over to the man who is in his vehicle perpendicular to us, and they started yelling at each other. About what? No idea. It didn't look like there had been an accident. Maybe the guy honked at him in the wrong way. You really can't explain it, other than to just chalk it up to Morocco...or more specifically, Casablanca. You really have to have an abundance of patience and a great amount of humor to drive every day in this city....

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