Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Can't wait for...

...several things while visiting the states:

-Clothes fresh and warm from the dryer, smelling of of a fresh Bounce dryer sheet.
-Using the microwave to warm up any and all of mom's excellent cooking.
-Buffalo Wild Wings, its TV's, tall beverages, general atmosphere, hanging out with friends.
-Chipotle. Enough said.
-Snow, cold, blankets, sweatshirts.
-Christmas lights, sounds, smells.
-Christmas cookies, especially the chocolate cookies with the hershey's kiss in the middle.
-Hanging out with numerous friends at various locations.
-HUGS from my nieces and nephews, and the general wrestling-around-playfulness I love having with them.
-Time spent and football talk with brothers, cousins, etc.
-Going anywhere, at anytime, and having people there who speak English.
-REAL Diet Coke. Not Coca-Cola Light.
-Mom's cooking.
-A night at the Turner Hall, hanging out with The Nik, etc.
-Driving my fabulous Rav 4, on the open road, without honking horns and without constant fear of getting 'snaked' & crashed into every second.
-Harry Potter on the big screen, movie theater popcorn and soda to go along with it.
-Visiting my old school and seeing my students from last year, and the amazing teachers who still work there.
-Family. In general. And the hugs and love that comes with them.

Only a couple more days. I'm so excited!!  Happy Holidays to everyone, here and in the States!


  1. SO excited to see you too! Can 't wait til Saturday!

  2. The kids can't wait to see you at Christmas. Your brother might be excited too! :)


  3. Jungee, you are having quite the adventure -- awesome reading up on your blog! Enjoy your time back in the States with family and friends, and snarfing down some salsa :) Call me if you're around the IC area. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!