Friday, November 12, 2010

Thankful, yet wanting...

Life is good. I can, by no means, complain about much of anything. Other than not yet having a bank account after living here for 3 months now. Granted, digging into wads of cash hidden in pockets and drawers is kind of a fun feeling. I'm tempted to throw it all on my bed and roll around in it. But I probably won't. As I was saying though, life is good. Today begins our 'fall break' I guess you'd call it. We have next week off because there is a big Muslim holiday next week where they sacrifice sheep and eat all parts of the sheep from what I've heard. So, in order to NOT have to see the blood that is apparently everywhere...I'm fleeing the country (legally) with friends. We are going to Lisbon, Portugal. Flying up there on Monday and staying through Friday. So, any job that allows you a week break to travel to places like Portugal is pretty dang sweet. I feel lucky and thankful to be here experiencing this. Hence, the 'thankful' title of this post.

But, as humans, we naturally want more, right? Well, my 'wants' are more like things I'm missing. And today, that is the nature of my post. Because TODAY, the thing I'm missing the most (aside from salsa and all-things Mexican food related) is Happy Hour. Good ole, city-livin' Happy Hours. You know, where you can go to a bar/restaurant at 4:00 after finishing work on a Friday and have a tall Miller Lite and half price appetizers. And there will be all kinds of people milling around who are also very excited that it's Friday and are also thoroughly enjoying their tall beers and cheap food. Today I'm missing this more than normal because it's the Friday before break and I'm home, doing nothing, waiting until I can meet up with friends later because nothing in terms of food and such opens until at least 7.30. Needless to say, this has been an adjustment for me. A more dedicated person would have just taken advantage of this time and gone down to the gym that is next door. But, instead I'm pouring out my soul to you via this blog and drinking a Heineken trying to kill time. Bottom line? I miss Happy Hours. And I hope to partake in a couple when I'm home in December. Who's with me?


  1. I'm with ya! I'll start making a hh list for us!

  2. I imagine you will have about 2 weeks of "happy hour" while you're home!!!! And here I thought you'd be anxious to come home and spend time with your family...!!!! As long as we serve drinks we'll be OK!!!!!

  3. I did happy hour with some staff on Friday at the THall. Don't get those too often so it WAS nice. Especially when they have double bubble! We'll reacquaint you at Christmas! Have a great trip!

  4. Stateside Happy Hour invitation
    Hum "We Three Kings of Orient Are"

    We three retirees from Doniphan are
    Bearing treats for the best staff there are
    Drinking fountains, good times are mountin'
    700 steps ain't far-r-r-r

    Seriously folks...
    Jan, Jeannette and I would like for all of you to come to my house (2005 Clay CIRCLE) after school on Tuesday, Nov. 30 for a bit of holiday cheer. We'll have hot cider and mulled wines plus some cold brewskies. We'll also have some sweets and savories.

    We'll also need to celebrate the...

    Rings of wonder, rings of light
    Gems with royal beauty bright
    Altars leading, quickly proceeding
    Guide these five to Perfect Nights

    And let's not forget to celebrate...

    What Child is this who, laid to rest
    On Becca's lap is sleeping?
    Xavier may greet with sounds so sweet,
    While Pam's kind eyes aren't weeping?

    Sadly, I don't have a camera ability to skipe