Sunday, November 21, 2010


I know the few of you who follow this blog, or my life via facebook, know I was in Portugal this past week. And I know you are expecting a post and pictures and such. It will come...but not today. Having uploading issues on facebook and now have to get ready to actually teach tomorrow. So, the blog post will happen with more details. For now, I will just say that Portugal (Lisbon, Sintra, Belem) did not disappoint. It's an amazing country with fabulous people. It was my first time in Europe and I loved it!

If I don't get to posting this week, Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I'm kinda bummed to miss out on what has become my favorite holiday back home. But, I'm sure the Turner Hall will survive without an appearance from me on Wednesday night. (Although I think I AM hosting a happy hour on Wednesday to try to make up for it!)  I'm incredibly thankful for the opportunities I've been given in my life. I'm lucky to have met some amazing people over here in my 'new life' so to speak. But without the love and support of all of you, my friends and family back home, I never would have been able to take this leap.  So, I give thanks to all of you. Can't wait to get home for a couple weeks over Christmas and see as many of you as possible!

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