Sunday, September 19, 2010


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Last weekend was an 'Eid' break. We had Monday and Friday off of school. I was fortunate enough to be the 8th cog in a trip to Oualidia with some other returning teachers. We loaded up their family trucksters Friday morning with food, booze, and packed bags, and off we went. It was a beautiful 2 1/2 hour drive down the coast to a beach town called Oualidia. I haven't been on the Pacific Coast Highway, but I have to believe this is
equally as beautiful, and with less traffic. Plus, you wouldn't see pack mules on the side of the road in California! We rented a villa for a measly 800 dirhams per night. So, each of us paid 100dh each night to stay, which is equivalent to about $12.50. We had a beautiful patio, outside eating area, plenty of space, and beauty all around us. Out our front door and over a sand dune was the beach. I have a lot of facebook photos posted of this beach. Absolutely gorgeous. We could hear the waves crashing on the rocks from our villa at night. When we arrived in Oualidia we found a restaurant to eat at just down our little road. We were welcomed with complimentary mussels, clams, and razor clams...along with a drink. This was all on the house. We then ordered and enjoyed a delicious meal of fresh seafood. The rest of the day was spent relaxing at the beach and at the villa, and then preparing for our evening meal. Our fabulous chefs did not disappoint! Drinks, dinner, tunes on the was a perfect night.
On Saturday morning, my friend Jenny and I went to the beach to do some exploring. It was low tide, so we were able to climb on the rocks along shore that were engulfed in the ocean the previous day. I love seeing the fishermen out and about in the mornings. It's just sooo peaceful, maybe serene. I have yet to actually see anyone catch anything, but their baskets are always full. They do this at Jack Beach in Dar bouza as well. So cool.
We loaded back up in the vehicles and made a short drive to the city of Safi, known for its beautiful pottery. (See pictures off to the side.) We went into the small pottery market and I was mesmirized by the colors and designs. You'd expect to pay hundreds of dollars for stuff like this in the states. I bought a huge platter for 20dh. Which is a little over $2. Crazy.
The rest of the day was spent back at Oualidia where we walked up to the lagoon area that Oualidia is known for. A hole was blasted through the rocks out in the ocean, allowing a tidal lagoon to form inside. Beautiful as well. We saw an amazing sunset and again relaxed with great food and outstanding company.

My first trip outside of Casablanca showed me what a beautiful country Morocco really is. I can't wait to take in more of it throughout the next two years...  

breathtaking sunset



fishing boats

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  1. Finally got a chance to read your weekend trip post. Loved it! That fishing pole is amazing and would love to watch them work, I can imagine it is impressive. The pottery background is really neat, those are amazing and crazy how cheap they are. Glad to hear things are going well.