Monday, September 13, 2010

Ramadan is over...

So, I know I'm already slacking here. Too much going on already to keep up with posts on my blog. I promise I will try to do better. I need to update you on the end of Ramadan, which meant our first 'holiday', which meant my frist travels outside of Casablanca, which resulted in a trip to Oualidia and Safi, which saw me eat:  edible, inside part of a sea urchin; clams; razor clams; mussels; oysters.  That's just the seafood. :)  Morocco is a beautiful country, and I've still only seen a small portion. I'll post more about  my trip later this week hopefully, and include some pictures. Especially the one of cows riding on top of the back of a pickup. I know it's hard to imagine...which is why I'm glad I have a picture to show you.

Yes...cows on top of truck going down  highway. Boy sitting up there
whose 'job' it is sure the cows don't fall out?

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