Saturday, February 1, 2014

Well - Hellllooooo there readers!

Try not to be too shocked that I'm writing here again. (And consequently, don't be shocked if it goes back on hiatus after a while.) A friend of mine posted one of those blogging calendars on facebook. So, since I haven't written in forever (over a year actually), and haven't posted anything from Bahrain, I'm going to give it a try.

This is the aforementioned blogging calendar.
         Day 1: The view from where I write.

If taken literally, this is the view from where I write. On my bed (unkempt, as always), in my bedroom (we have nice digs here, to say the least), with my companion, "Piggy", keeping me company (Pillow Pets are da Bomb!)

But, for those of you who followed my adventures through Morocco, well - I'm not there anymore! This comes to you from the tiny island of Bahrain, located just across a little Causeway from Saudi Arabia, surrounded by the Arabian Sea. Narrow that down further, and I can tell you that Bahrain basically consists of one big city - Al Manamah. I don't live in the city, per say. I'm a Bahraini suburb dweller of sorts, living in a gated compound called Riffa Views. In the lovely Riffa Views, is the school where I spend my days...
Front entrance of the school
With some of my students; celebrating National Day at school.

 ...and where students like to be goofy, just like they do in the U.S....

In my classroom. I really have 12
students, but 3 were gone and one
joined the school after Christmas break.

 ...and where sometimes things like this take place to demonstrate local culture.

There's also this lil golf course about a 2 minute drive from my house called the Royal Golf Club. It's a challenge, to say the least! The back 9 holes are lit, so available for night play when it's hot.


If I take the microscope off even more, the view from where I write is a big sandbox of sorts. It's very 'tan'. Not a lot of green. People here are friendly, and it helps that most everyone speaks English. Life here is much easier in comparison to Casablanca. But there was a lot of fun to be had in that craziness of Casablanca as well.

So, that's my view for now. Can't share everything, as I haven't looked ahead on that calendar of topics for the month. I better not share everything on Day 1. Although with my blogging track record, who knows if there will be a Day 2.  ;)

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