Thursday, April 21, 2011

Things that make you go Hmmm

OK, I'm 2 vacations behind in posts. Sorry 'bout that. For those of you who wonder if I work, the answer is Yes. I work a lot. Weeks keep me busy and weekends are to recover from the weekdays. And, maybe to drink a little. That being said, I'm hoping to catch up soon. I've been tending to veg out watching TV and movies rather than getting at that blog.

However, I have a quick one to belt out. I found out anothe interesting fact about Morocco the other day. Here, it's rare to see anyone wear a seatbelt. I mean, rare. Same goes for helmets on scooters, bikes, and motorcycles. Crazy, I say. Well, a few of us were talking about seatbelts the other day after noticing a car with kids in the backseat obviously not buckled in. (We see this every day, but it just got commented on once again.) Someone in the carpool home mentioned that Moroccans actually get offended if you wear a seatbelt while riding with them. They think you are saying that they are not a good driver. One friend commented that a taxi driver got upset with her because she put her seatbelt on, and he kept saying "I'm a good driver!" Well buddy, YOU might think you're a good driver, but the lady over there talking on her cellphone while driving a stickshift and smoking a cigarette is probably NOT the best driver, so I'm gonna go ahead and buckle up on this one. Thanks for the words of encouragement though.

Morocco is such an interesting country...

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