Monday, October 4, 2010

Random Thought for the Day...

Just sitting here watching The Amazing Race via sidereel and megavideo. (Can't get hulu and cool things like that because of copyright laws over here. But, resourceful international friends have helped keep me connected with my TV addictions.) As I watch this fantabulous show, all I can think about is how much I want them to do a 'leg of the race' here in Morocco. More specifically Casablanca. Because what I REALLY want to see are the teams having to make their way around here in the little, red, 'Petit' taxis. In the hot summer months. With back windows that don't roll down because the handles are no longer there. During heavy traffic. With drivers who only speak Arabic. It would be hilarious. They could do tasks in the medina. Or sell gum and cigarettes on the street like locals here do. And maybe even sell bubbles and bubble guns like I saw this weekend. We're talking high-level entertainment people. I'm sure that the impressiveness of my blog has spread like wildfire and will soon be reaching readers such as the Producers of The Amazing Race. So, one can only assume that the next installment of Amazing Race will have a leg here. Until then, I'll hold onto my dream of someday being a contestant, stomping on that mat and being greeted by Phil telling me that I'm "Team Number One!!!"


  1. Oh, Jodee, I know we've talked b/4 about how we love The Amazing Race - maybe we should be partners......I know I could never win with Dad, it's awful getting through airports with his hip replacement!!!! They wand him & sometimes even put their latex covered hand down the front of his pants...!!!!! And Dad's expression never changes just like in the crazy Bunge pix!!!! My problem is how much time would I have to do my hair & make-up???!!!!

  2. I could never do the race with Dad, he would be way too frustrating. With you, the worry would be your sinuses and not having time for hair and make-up. haha