Saturday, August 21, 2010


This is a traditional dish here in Morocco that actually has its origins in the Berber region. It is grainy. You could maybe compare it to a very finely granulated type of rice? I don't know...couscous is couscous I guess. (Jeff and Karen, I know you are laughing at that okra, right?)  Anyway, our director, Dr. Lee and his wife and family had us over again for a traditional couscous dinner the other night. This is a dish that is traditionally eaten family style. It is served in a big bowl/platter in the middle of the table, with the couscous on the bottom and meat/vegetables on the top. We got a first hand demonstration from a native who works at the school. All I know is it involved "pinching" a vegetable or piece of meat along with some of the couscous, gently squeezing/tossing it in your hand, and then popping it in your mouth from your thumb. We had to 'graduate' from eating with our hands before they would give us spoons. Pretty fun. Very messy. But a neat experience. And, delicious...

One hand...squeeze gently to pack it a bit, then eat!

Eatin with hands...couscous family style. Dig In!!

And...pretty much done. Can't help but be messy!

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  1. OK So Cole wowuld fit right in there when he jams food in his mouth when he's hungry!!!!! Very interesting stuff,Jodee - keep it coming.
    Love Ya,